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Seeking therapy may feel daunting. It takes courage to commit emotionally and financially to this kind of exploration. I provide an empathetic, confidential and non-judgemental space where you will be invited to share what troubles you, and anything else that comes to mind.

Therapy can be a shorter process, focused on a particular problem. Or it can be open ended deeper exploration of difficulties in life, and as-yet-unknown and unconscious causes of distress. It is an opportunity for you to share and explore both the present and the past in a safe and confidential setting. Careful listening may help relieve difficult emotions, and enable a deeper understanding of patterns and behaviour that are hurtful. Working through them in therapy may help you find your way forward to leading a more fulfilling and independent life.


An initial consultation will help you decide whether this kind of therapy is right for you. Sometimes an extended consultation period of more than one session may be a more suitable option for trying out this kind of therapy. This will help you decide whether you would want to begin therapy with me longer-term, or perhaps to explore other kinds of therapy.  


We will meet for 50 minutes every week at the same agreed time and day in one of two locations; SW1E 5NE (Victoria) and SE11LL (London Bridge). The initial consultation usually takes longer, between 60-90 minutes, and I charge £80. Therapy session fee is £75 and a lower fee is possible as I have few reduced - fee spaces.


I want to know more about psychodynamic psychotherapy

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